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Grand Lake Guns has shooting supplies for all your hunting and shooting needs.  We have the LARGEST selection of guns and ammo in the area.  Stop in during regular business hours to check out our selection!

Why us


Upcoming CCW Class 

The date for the next CCW class will be NOVEMBER 19th.


Ohio Concealed Carry Courses
National Rifle Association Basic Pistol Course


It will be a one day course starting at 10am and finishing up around 6:30-7pm.
Stop by Grand Lake Guns to sign up!

This course costs:
$95.00 per individual
$90.00 each per couple 

Click here to read why we feel we provide the best CCW training around!

Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law requires a minimum of 8 hours of training; 6 hours classroom and 2 hours range time to be conducted by a certified instructor.

The NRA Basic Pistol Course cover the required training which includes safety, handgun parts and operation, cleaning, storage, loading procedures, shooting fundamentals and ammunition handling. The class is expanded to include defensive strategies and defensive shooting tactics.

 Course Requirments

  • You will need 150 Rounds of Ammunition

  • Ammunition may be purchases from Grand Lake Guns the day of the class

  • No Ammunition in the class room (Don’t bring handguns into the classroom until instructed to do so)

  • Handguns must be functional – No magnums or single action revolvers (rental handguns are available).

  • We recommend you use the handgun you intend to use for personal protection

  • Bring pens/pencils and highlighters for classroom use

  • Certificates will only be issued to those who demonstrate the skills and knowledge to safely handle and shoot a handgun

  • This is a basic course and is suitable for those with limited knowledge of firearms as well as those interested in improving their shooting skills

  • Food and drinks are welcome in the classroom. We will take hourly breaks and a lunch break.

In House Brands



Shooting Range




Lifetime Membership

$25.00 for a lifetime membership. Each additional visit is only $7.00. Members are allowed one guests.




$12.00 per lane

Range Features

-Shoot all Handguns and Rimfire Rifles
-Once range time is rented, there is no time limit. Stay as long as you would like!
-Shoot Slug Guns and Muzzleloaders (No Shot Loads) NRA Training for Ohio Concealed Carry
-Junior Rifle Club. Every Thursday Night. $5 to Join. $3 for each additional week.
-25 yards long (75 feet)

-Group Rates available for Range and Gun Rental
-Break Area and Hot Water Clean Up at rear of store
-Rent a Gun from us for Only $2.00
-Many Guns and Calibers to choose from
*Please Note: When you rent one of our guns, you MUST purchase the ammo from Grand Lake Guns.   Many targets are also available to choose from.*